Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Wear something comfortable. Bring a pair of shorts if it is a lower back, hip, knee, ankle, or a foot problem. Bring a tank top / vest if it is a neck, upper back, shoulder, elbow, or hand problem.

Yes, BodyWorks is a registered provider for most medical insurance companies but please check with your provider before booking an appointment as you will be liable to cover the cost of the if appointment if not.

Our Physiotherapists will ask you questions about your injury, physical activities and past medical history. They will them assess you injury and working with you develop a treatment plan to help with your injury. Depending on the nature and severity of your injury, you may require:

    • Manipulation or mobilisation of joints
    • Electrotherapy
    • Acupuncture
    • Exercise therapy
    • Stretching and strengthening
    • Core stability training
    • Soft tissue massage
    • Heat or cold therapy
    • Patient education, home exercises
    • Biomechanical analysis

Yes of course you can!! All of our Pilates classes are also taught by experienced Physiotherapist. Classes and exercises are individually adapted to help you recover from an injury or to improve your strength mobility or flexibility.

Yes. This is the most common way that patients come to us. They have usually either been recommended to us by their friends and family, GP, Surgeon, workplace or health insurer or have simply found us by this website – but you do not need a formal referral from any of these. Just call and make the appointment whenever you’re ready.

No problem. You do not need to inform us of this decision in advance. If you are accompanied by a friend or family member then we will often ask if you would like them to join you in the physio room during treatment. Alternatively, they can wait in reception if you would prefer.