Leading Sports Injury Clinic in Glossop

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Specialised Treatments for Sports Injuries

BASRaT registered sport rehabilitators help to aid acute and chronic sporting / non-sporting injuries for athletes and non-athletes. The end goal of the patient is always taken into consideration upon initial assessment in preparation for any rehab plan whether that is to reduce pain and muscle tightness, increase range of motion, develop strength, get back into sports or the gym, or run a marathon!

Sports rehabilitators take a very much hands on approach to treatment and will incorporate lots of manual therapy techniques which are also used by physiotherapists. Deep tissue / sports massage treatments are combined into the vast majority of sessions to help aid a quick recovery. Other treatments may include spinal mobilisations, traction, electrotherapy (e.g. ultrasound), and cupping.

Dependant on injury, as part of the assessment process a gait and biomechanical analysis may be required. A specific exercise rehabilitation programme will then be discussed with each individual in order to gain a full recovery and return to full fitness / sport.

If you do not have a sporting injury, don’t worry! Our sport rehabilitators not only specialise in those, but also treat any soft tissue injuries whether that be neck or back pain, sciatica, nerve pain, joint pain, torn muscles / ligaments, and sprains.