Shoulder Pain

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Injuries Treated

Shoulder Pain

We understand that shoulder pain can be really debilitating, make you feel fed up and frustrated. The upper limb is designed for function and survival (eating, drinking and personal hygiene). People with shoulder pain commonly struggle sleeping which can make everything much harder to deal with when you’re tired.

Common shoulder complaints we help include;

The causes of shoulder pain are:

  • Arthritis: Joint degeneration due to age related changes, repetitive movements, or following traumatic injury
  • Frozen shoulder: A medical condition in which range of motion is lost over the course of several months or years.
  • Tendonitis: inflammation of the tendons which support the shoulder and aid in the function of the shoulder joint
  • Joint capsule damage: Such as dislocation due to injury or instability of the shoulder joint

What we can do to help?

Rest, cold, compression, and elevation are all parts of the initial treatment which you can do at home. We will look at the affected joint but also the connecting joints as they play a part in the pain caused sometimes. Then, we’ll talk with you about your treatment options, which could include massage, taping, joint mobilisation, posture correction, and work environment modifications and rehabilitation exercises.