PIlates Glossop

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Pilates is an effective way to help people re-gaining strength following an injury, improve flexibility and reduce the risk of injury reoccurrence. Our classes are led by Physiotherapists and Pilates instructors in order to offer the SAFEST and most EFFECTIVE experience to our clients. Every class is low-impact and designed to be accessible to all levels. After an injury we know that returning to sport can be mentally challenging, let us helping you!

Why Pilates? It helps to prevent injury!!

Clinical Pilates is excellent for injury prevention, whether you want to prevent injuries that can occur during daily activities or in high-impact sports. The small classes allow us to adapt the exercises to suit everyone. The idea is to heighten your awareness of your own body – promoting strength and flexibility using the correct muscles for the job. Clinical Pilates should be seen as a complimentary exercise to your exercise or cross training/recovery programme. Exercises will be modified to suit your personal circumstances so you don’t need to worry that you’ll aggravate your injury by taking part. In fact, the research shows that it’s a great exercise for people with recurrent injuries or niggles.