Ear wax removal by Tara

Tara Blue ear photo

Ear wax removal in Glossop

My name is Tara I am Originally from Adelaide, South Australia and have had the pleasure of living in Glossop for over 10 years now, I am married and have 2 young boys and a Border Collie that keep me busy when I am not at work, I also work for the NHS and try to support the local community as best as I can.

I offer ear wax removal using the Ear Irrigation method (formally known as Ear Syringing) this is a very safe and well used method, After showing a special interest in ears I decided to further my knowledge and complete some extended training through M&K update in 2018. The areas cover are different types of wax impaction, identifying infection, the anatomy of the ear and proper use of all equipment needed.

I am fully qualified and insured and do yearly updates with my training.

A huge reason of why I have chosen to do what I do is the relief and help I am able to provide people with after treatment, being able to have a conversation on the phone, enjoy a holiday or simply just watch television with a loved one.

To book please phone or text Tara on 07534585225 or email by clicking below.