Yoga and Melness – Yoga with Mel

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Hey beautiful people! I'm Mel.

I’ve been practicing yoga for almost eight years and guiding others into it for the last four, taking the leap in to teaching full-time since January this year. I am certified in Hatha Foundations, Mandala Vinyasa, Yin, Postnatal and Parent/Baby yoga, and teach yoga from a wellbeing perspective. Currently working towards my RYT-500, I am a forever student dedicated to the practice with 400 training hours and in excess of 400 teaching hours.

Like many, I first found yoga from a physical perspective, arriving at my first class wondering if I looked the part and feeling highly inadequate in terms of flexibility and strength. Little did I know that yoga would become my sanctuary, guiding me through many journeys in life, and ultimately to discover that none of that really matters!


For me, yoga is a way of life and brings you home to yourself, with awareness and connection – and in fact not only to yourself but outwardly towards others and the world around us. It is a safe space where you can show up authentically and unapologetically as you, no judgements, no competition, no ego, just presence, providing you with the tools to find balance, build strength, improve flexibility, and catch a breath both on and off the mat.

My yoga classes are friendly and welcoming with a relaxed vibe and a sprinkle of challenge. Whether you are new to yoga or have a regular practice, you are encouraged to go at your own pace and tune in to listen to your own body’s wants and needs in the moment – feels over looks, always. Everybody is invited and individual differences celebrated; it’s not about levels or ability. The picture-perfect posture is not the true goal, but rather the journey and challenge to get you there itself. Remember, no two people are the same, no two bodies are the same, no two yoga practices are the same. Connecting mind, body and breath, we learn to explore and navigate our inner world and cultivate a more relaxed, restful state of mind. Give yourself permission for a well-deserved time-out and join me for a big old dose of self-care and movement medicine- your mind and body will thank you!

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